Friday, May 30, 2014

Genevieve's Toddler Room + Room for Toys.

I finally "finished" Genevieve's toddler room.  In real life there are a few things I wanted to add and hey it's only been two years.  But I'm calling it.  Pretty soon I need to move Nadia into her room to make room for baby. {Update since starting this post several days ago--Nadia has moved in! It's night #3 and maybe I WON'T pull my hair out tonight! But I digress...}

Here's the low down.  I've whined about discussed our home here.  It's small.  There's no family room or playroom and the two minutes during which I planned on moving the girls in together so we could have a playroom quickly vanished when I got prego with #3.  So I had to plan a room that could incorporate most of her toys.  99% of the gorgeous rooms I see online do not include toys.  They look so much cleaner and neater and I love that.  Unfortunately Genevieve's room is a little cluttered and those of you who blog or are photogs (amateur or pro) know that a little clutter in real life looks crazy cluttered in photos.  So I have to say it looks better/neater in person than it might come across in photos.  Anyway enough with the disclaimers!  Without further ado, here's her room. (And a look back on the projects I've shared from it).

My favorite part is her little bed nook.  It's so cozy and cute.

Close up of the bed...and notice that the fun pom pillow from this post is gone.  That's because little miss how-dare-you-require-me-to-nap decided to pull the poms off of it.  That made me so sad.  Oh how I loved that pillow and it was grey so it toned down the brights a bit.  I ended up stealing the bright lumbar pillow from Nadia's room to take its place.

I love the oversized photo of her above her bed.  Seems a bit weird now but I did it with the intention of adding one of Nadia when she moves in :)  The pom mobile took two tries but in the end I really like how it turned out. I made the green elephant pouf. It was my first project on my sewing machine and I'm so eager to make another one after going through it once.  

This is the view from her bed--the bookshelf. The blue locker bin on top has legos in it.  The baskets have headbands, puzzles, odd shaped books, and blankets/sheets in them.  (In case you're curious about the organization aspect--which isn't at all my strength!).  The little containers on the side beside the toy box have blocks and Minnie Bow-Tique pieces in them.  

I love organizing kids' books by color.  
Details of the bookshelf-- felt heart garland, frame + free printable, stuffed elephant from Target, Bin of Legos, piggy bank, jewelry holder (from her nursery), and princess and E.B. White books (also from her nursery).
This is the perspective when you step into her room and look at the opposite wall. Chevron wall Tutorial is here (I still love it!).

And this is the toy box area.  I made the "drapes"--drapes in quotes because they're not lined or anything.  So basically I just sewed rectangles.  I'm a novice seamstress remember? The bins aren't organized enough to label but basically I put dolls in one, dress up clothes in one, tiny toys in one, and miscellaneous bigger toys in the other.  I love this toy box though. It's from Ikea and has taken a beating for almost 3 years and has held up well. If it continues to last, I'd love to make a cushion for the top of it and treat it more like a window seat.  

This is the dresser area (opposite wall from the bed).  You can see it's looking a little cluttered. Now that they're in the same room, I've actually removed some stuff and it's much "cleaner" looking now.

Beside the dresser, her little kitchen/pretend play area:

And another favorite aspect of the room: the gallery wall which is above the kitchen and beside the dresser:

And lastly, a random shot of their closet door (used to hang dress up clothes) and jewelry holder:

And that's it!  I know there isn't an "entire room" shot but that's because it's super small and hard to get in one shot.  Plus if I'm being completely honest it looks best broken up this way.  Keepin it real yo.  And as I type this, my kiddos are officially sharing a room (well is it still official if I have Nadia nap in her "old room" in her crib?) and Nadia is in her big girl bed!  So it doesn't even look like this anymore.  That was fun while it lasted.  

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  1. Stunning! Love everything about this! All of the gorgeous colors, patterns and it's just fun! I'd love to live in that room!

    1. Thank you Jessica! Labor of always. ;)

  2. Great job! You made great use of a small space. If I were a little girl, I would love it!

    1. Thanks Karen!! Now if only I could keep it as neat as it was for these photos! ;)

  3. I Love how gorgeous and colorful it all is! And I don't think it looks too cluttered at all xx

    1. Thanks Tamsyn! Now that I've shoved her sister in there with's definitely cluttered! lol. Of course today Genevieve told me she "didn't like her toys," so perhaps I should remove them all? ;)

  4. I LOVE this room! So pretty and colorful!! Makes me wish I had a girl. I just have a toddler boy for now. :-)

    1. Thanks Amber! After decorating for 2 girls I couldn't wait to design for a boy and then it happened and I was totally overwhelmed! ha! I finally feel like it's coming together but still a bit nervous it's too polished for a little boy! Wish me luck. ;)


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