Taste{Full}: December 2012

Monday, December 31, 2012

Chopped. Again.

So you remember here where I revealed my new look.  Oh wait, I'm not a celeb; by revealed  I mean posted a few photos. Well even though I loved it and Rhonda (my stylist at Milan Hair Studio) is amazing, I needed to go all the way.  I took Rhonda's advice and "lived with it," but I wanted more.  Short hair is addictive!  I swear I want to go shorter every time I go in there (and I have).  Well this was my inspiration this time around:
You have to realize my nervousness at posting a HALLE BERRY (one of the most beautiful women alive in my opinion) photo next to my picture.  No one can say I don't aim high, that's for sure.

My hair may not be as versatile as hers...nor my features as gorgeous...but I somehow convinced myself that I could pull this off.

and this did me in.  I saw this photo at the grocery store while waiting to check out, immediately took a picture, and FB messaged it to my stylist with the caption: "I'm ready!"  

And here is the final result.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Time.

Just wanted to stop in to share some miscellaneous Christmas photos with you: 

1. Ornament wreath.  Every year I feel overwhelmed with the thought of Christmas decorating and crafts.  I am not great at decorating for the holidays!  Add Pinterest and the feelings of inadequacy get a little crazy!  So this year I decided to choose just ONE craft, shell out the cash on supplies, and take an after-bedtime-block (or two) to get it done! Ever since I painted my front door yellow, the traditional green and red just didn't work.  I had a hard time getting my wreath to be perfectly round and my hanger is showing a bit but overall I LOVE it and definitely want to make another next year! In case you're interested, I used this tutorial.
2. My little girls in their Christmas PJs.  One of a few photoshoots I tried.  If you have kids you know how hard it is to get those perfect pictures in the moment!  Last Easter was the first time I actually had a little dress rehearsal and took photos of them beforehand and I wondered why I hadn't done that before!  They had lots of "Christmas attire," but I tried to stick to a few outfits and get some cute pictures without the pressure of an event or bedtime, looming.
3. Just a little glimpse into why I'm AWOL.  I'm having fun in the snow.  My mom and I did a winter-y photo shoot. It was so fun and I was totally being inspired by her.  I'll have to share some more of these photos with you because I'm quite proud of the end result.  I got some really great shots of my mama!
4. My napkin wring of a jingle bells ornament and a blue glittery ornament.  I loved and was inspired by this post over on Live the Fancy Life.
5. I love the idea of using all white wrapping with fun embellishmentsI had leftover tulle from this project and ribbon from a couple of years ago. So pretty!
6. This modern chevron paper was only $1 at Target!  I got the ribbon for 75% off at Michael's after Christmas last year. And though I had tons of gorgeous free printable gift tags my $@%& printer isn't working (yes I am fake cursing because I'm mad) so I got these pretty snowflake tags from Target.

1. Another ornament wreath shot.  
2. One more Christmas PJs photo.  (Candy as a bribe prop is so cute)!
3. Ornament mobile.  I loved this!  It's basically just shatterproof ornaments (though you could use glass as long as you secure them well) on fishing line. Pretty, inexpensive, and simple!
4. How cute are sock monkeys?  They can seem boy-ish but this was a perfect little stocking stuffer for Nadia and an itty bitty way to get my sock monkey fix (and it can't seem boy-ish peeking out of a white and silver ruffle stocking now can it?!).
5. Last year I used lots of kraft paper and twine with pretty free printable gift tags from her.  This year I went with lots of red and a little modernity.  Real ribbon always classes up a present and if you get it on clearance, it can be cheaper than the fake stuff!

Gift Wrapping Tips (Christmas & always):
Oh and as far as wrapping goes, it didn't seem worth a full post after Christmas passed but I have to say--for pretty, classy, and inexpensive gift wrapping, here are my tips:
1. Use candy/candy canes.  Use twine.  Use tulle.  Those are all inexpensive and pretty! 
2. Buy real ribbon after Christmas or during clearance sales.  
3. Think outside the traditional green and red box (I often use pink, red, aqua, royal blue, gold, silver, lime green, etc).  Oh and just in case you're wondering I don't use real ribbon on the kids' gifts.  It's just not worth it. ;)

Mostly more of the same!  

I didn't intend for this to be so long but I hope you enjoyed it and were inspired...for next year. ;) 

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Semi-DIY Christmas Card Holder.

Usually my Christmas Cards look like this:

How sad is that?!  I mean, people spend good money and precious time choosing just the right card, I get them, ooh and ah over them, and then proceed to shove them in a mail holder.  That's just sad. maybe even rude.  So this year, after getting a few adorable cards and sadly shoving them into my mail sorter, I decided to do something about it.  A while ago, I'd pinned this image.  And the other day I was at Marshall's and came across a cute and sparkly "All I want for Christmas..." sign.  So I decided to go for it.  I went back to my pin and the blog it led to and realized that the card holder wasn't a DIY or at least if it was, there were no instructions.  But really, how hard could it be?

So I found some ribbon I had leftover from this party, measured the sign so the ribbon would be equidistant apart, and glued it on.  That was it! It doesn't get much simpler than that folks.  Take a look at the result. (And yes, I have some adorable friends.  I welcome you to ooh and ah over their pretty faces like I have).

I'd love to buy or make something like these (below) eventually but for now, keeping it simple and easy!

Oh and another Pinterest idea (though I can't find the pin)--take a photo of your friends' Christmas cards and add it to their contacts in your phone.  I've been doing that as the cards come in and I love that I'll see those beautiful kids and families all year when getting calls. So clever.

What Christmas crafts have you taken on this year?  I'd love to see!

Monday, December 17, 2012

It's not too late--Shutterfly to the rescue!

I'm at it again...Needed a last minute gift for my nana and who came to the rescue?!  Shutterfly!  Check it out:

Ceramic Ornament
View the entire collection of cards.
Right now you can save up to 30% on ornaments with code TREE. But hurry! Today's the last day for standard shipping orders!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Gifts for the Girly Girl. (Even if she's YOU).

Creating gift guides is so fun.  If you need a few ideas for a friend, mom, sister, or say, yourself, take a peek at these.  Here are a few fun gifts I've come across during my online window shopping:
1. Juicy Couture Faux Fur Earmuff Speaker Headphones. $77.99 (from $98). I'm so sad--when I started this post these were half off but now they are sold out!  But here, they are still almost 25% off.  Need more motivation, check out this photo from NYC Pretty (I don't know how I just discovered this blog!). How adorable is this?!

2. knitted bow scarf chunky neck warmer. $28 (from $68!).  I saw this one in the TomKat Gift guide.  I need it in my life.  3. MineDesign Chalkboard Candle. $24.95. I suppose you don't have to be a girly girl to enjoy an adorable chalkboard candle.  Don't want to buy this?  Why not attempt a DIY version.  Looks so easy!
4. Essie Nail Color, Mojito Madness.  $8.  I love the idea of a minty green for Christmas instead of your typical green.  So chic.
5SEPHORA COLLECTION Smoky Studio 2. $34.00 I have one of Sephora's blockbuster sets and I LOVE it!  
6. Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual: For Everyone from Beginner to Pro.  $20.97.  I am a total girly girl (in case you hadn't guessed by  now) and I love makeup books! I haven't read this one but the reviews are awesome.
Happy Shopping!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas Card Sneak Peek.

So I already ordered my photo cards. And I LOVE them. And was waiting to share them until after they've been received...But then Shutterfly happened. I love that site.  I seriously can't get enough! I've made book after book and card after card. In fact, I was in the process of making someone a calendar (and am hoping that someone isn't reading this post!) and had a handy dandy coupon in my email for $10 off of $30.  Unfortunately my order was under $30.  So I thought to myself, "self, why not make a few extra Christmas cards (they'd basically be free)?"  And I agreed with me.  So I made a few.  Yes, I have a sickness.  (Plus her photography makes any card look insanely gorgeous).  Here they are:

But the winner was:

Stationery card
View the entire collection of cards.

So what are you waiting for?! Head on over to Shutterfly and make your Christmas, New Year's, or Holiday card! Oh, by the way, just before checking out, I remembered to check online for a coupon code and found one!  So I was able to save $10 + 30% off of my calendar!  (Did I mention that I love Shutterfly)? It expired today but I'm sure as Christmas nears, there will be more deals!  Make sure to check retailmenot and Shutterfly's "special offers" section for great deals.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Little Girls Gift Guide!

I'm SO excited to be a guest over on Live the Fancy Life today.  I've mentioned Jessica many, many times on Taste{full}.  She is an amazing writer, event planner (you MUST check out her son's little man 1st birthday and her client's Curious George themed party.  like now.  wait, finish reading my post first.  then GO.), and photographer.  I love getting inspiration from Jessica on home design, mama stuff, and  parties, of course!  For my guest post I had way too much fun curating a little girl's gift guide.

To read the post, see the sources, and no doubt get sucked into perusing her blog, go here.

Happy Monday!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me {a Shoe Review}.

This is a little late...My birthday was a couple of weeks ago actually!  But I just wore my present for the first time last night and I wanted to tell you about it.  I have a hard time spending more than $50 on anything.  I've lucked out and gotten some of my nicest boots (that retail for $150+) on sale at TJ Maxx or Marshall's for just under my weird self imposed threshold.  But I've been craving a couple of pairs of nice dark brown boots/shoots.  I happened upon these initially at AE.com.  They were on sale and I had a store credit that would have made them $55.  As luck would have it, when I finally stopped debating and went to purchase them (you know--for my birthday!), they were sold out!  Boo!  I just couldn't justify spending $100 on this pair of shoes (to be clear, I have justified it before...I just couldn't this time ;).  Even though I wanted them.  So bad.  Then I checked Amazon.  My how I love that site.  And they were less there.  In the meantime I'd gotten some birthday money so I decided to go for it.  I wore them last night and I love them! They were so comfortable.

Here's what I wore:

Women's Plaid Double-Weave Boyfriend Shirts. $29. My shirt was from Gap and had a little more green in it but this is a really close match!
Women's The Rockstar Pop Color Cords. $19. I LOVE these and am bummed that the other color I want is sold out in my size.  They are super cute. Be warned--order up a size.
Clarks Desert Boot in Beeswax leather. $77.14 Super cute and comfy!  If Amazon doesn't have the size/color combo you want, check them out on Zappos, or Clarks.com.  Right now Retailmenot has a Clark's Coupon Code FNF12 for 25% off and free shipping! I can't guarantee that code but right now it has a 92% success rate!

Need more inspiration?  Look at this image I repinned from my good friend who's the queen of Pinterest (I'm not sure that's an official title, but if it was, it would belong to her) 6 weeks ago:

I can't wait till spring (or fall) to be able to wear them like this.  So super cute.  

What was your most recent clothing purchase?

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Easy & Inexpensive Christmas Centerpieces.

Forever ago, I saw these centerpieces at a corporate event.  I vowed that I would replicate it.  A few years ago, I did.  This is the easiest and least expensive tabletop decor ever.

What you need:
Glass dish--you could get fancy but mine were .97 from Wal-Mart.
Cranberries-- somewhere around $1.50 for a bag.
Water--free ☺
Floating candles/Tea lights--$1.97 for lots at Wal-Mart.

How do you decorate your table for Christmas?  (Bonus points if it's less than ten bucks!)

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Modern Minnie Party: Sneak Peek.

I had way more fun planning a Minnie Mouse party than I thought I would.  Over a year ago I came across two cute character shirts/outfits at Target (as cute as licensed characters can be anyway) and that was the push I needed to let Genevieve pick her theme.  Do you know how hard that was for me?  And to make it even more difficult, the other character was Elmo.   I mean, seriously.  How do you make that modern?!  (Although since then I have seen a few modern Sesame Street parties that gave me hope)!  

Once I decided on Minnie the next logical question was red and black or pink and black.  It's me--so of course I love pink.  And the outfit that started the whole thing was pink, black, and white.  But then again, I loved the idea of not involving pink for once in my life...and for some reason I just envisioned red, black, and white.  Add to that the leftover red party supplies from Nadia's circus party, and well, you have a modern red, black, and white Minnie party.  

The other fun thing about this party was that it was my first purely modern party--no rustic elements like Nadia's party or Genevieve's Little Pumpkin party; no ornate embellishments like Genevieve's Vintage Princess party.  I think I'm being influenced by her.  In my humble opinion if you're going to go the 'character' route (and you're not a fan of the traditional take), you really have to make it modern.  There doesn't seem to be much in between.  And choosing red over pink sure made it easy to be creative because it's nearly impossible to find any red Minnie party supplies!

So enough chatting!  I'll be sure to share more pictures and details in the near future.  The details above are as follows:
1. My little Minnie wearing this shirt (it runs super small! She's wearing a 5T).  Her headband was from here.  I was psyched to find this perfect DIY-less headband!  The letter I made after being inspired by this post over on Paige Simple.
2. Minnie Mouse Oreos.  So cute!  And not terribly hard although they did take much longer than I anticipated!
3. My homemade Minnie mobile, made out of a calendar from Target's dollar section and paper fans from here.
4. My favor table backdrop using more of these paper fans.

What do you think so far?  Come back soon for more Modern Minnie posts!

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