Taste{Full}: November 2012

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Gifts Every Woman Can Fit.

I'm over on Tall Snob today featuring gifts every woman can fit!  Check out the full post here.

For source information, visit Tall Snob.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Look for Less: Toys.

This post was inspired by my absolute love of the Land of Nod (Remember, I got Nadia's party activities from there?).  And my absolute reality of a budget. One that does not include $44 blocks.  Even on Christmas.  I love "look for less" posts!  And I love writing them; finding similar items in lower price brackets is such a fun challenge.  And pretty much my reality. (And all of our realities at some point right?).  Now of course I love the "look for less" features where one item is $5 and the other is $5000 and they look exactly the same.  I'm going to apologize in advance that this is not one of those posts.  BUT it's super realistic and all the price differences (from $7 to $30) add up--especially at Christmas time.  Not to mention that if you're looking for kids' gift ideas, I think you'll love some of these!

Wooden Noah’s Ark Shape Sorter. Le Toy Van. I'm not gonna lie--I LOVE this one.  But I bought the less expensive version.  See, I'm practicing what I preach!
Wooden Noah’s Ark Shape Sorter. KidKraft. By the way, this one was on Zulily a few weeks ago for even less (I'm kicking myself for not buying it then) and is currently selling on Amazon for over $25)!

Pink Parker Play Chair in pink.  Land of Nod. 
Avalon Chair in Petal. KidKraft. 
This is one of those where I can barely tell the difference.  Really. 

Wooden Play Kitchen. Circo. $69.99. Wooden Kitchen- Pink. KidKraft. $99.
Again I LOVE the one on the right.  But Genevieve was peeking over my shoulder and saw a ton of kitchens on my Pinterest "gifts for girls" board.  And guess which one she liked the most?  Yep, the least expensive one.  I have to note though that while it says "wooden," it's really wood composite.  Even so, such a great deal for a modern "wooden" kitchen.  Yep, I bought it.  

Rainbow Stacker.  Melissa and Doug. The Stacking Ring Maker. Land of Nod. These look almost identical!  I love them both and am fighting the urge to buy the Melissa and Doug version.

Nod Blocks. $44. I'm a broken record: I LOVE these.  I just seriously love Land of Nod.  
Classic Embossed Alphabet Blocks. Uncle Goose. But how cute are these?!  And for real- $30 for blocks is still a pretty penny (Genevieve's cost $8), so don't feel too sorry for Junior if you go the "cheap" route. ;)

Now in some cases the differences are more obvious.  And they might be worth the extra $15.  But in others, the differences are minute...and while you might notice them, I'm guessing your two year old won't.  

Looking for more inexpensive toys?  Check out Zulily! I purchased a few toys from there a few weeks ago and am so glad I did!  Stay tuned for more gift guides.  

Thursday, November 15, 2012

All Grown Up.

I can't believe this sweet girl is almost 15 months.  It's just a tiny bit sad!  I can't believe she's all grown up.  Talking a TON. Walking.  Running. Growing teeth.  Copying me. Laughing. Cuddling. Even went poo on the potty a couple of times!  Where did my baby go?

I posted about these month by month photos here.  I'd seen it done and always wished I'd done it with Genevieve.  It's nice to be able to have a re-do in with baby #2!   

I created these collages in picmonkey.  I did a few different types/layouts...this is the close ups one.  I didn't go through 12 tiring and stressful photoshoots to share one tiny picture. uh uh.  

I love the full body shots that show just how much she grew over the course of a year...from barely filling a corner of the rocker to taking over the whole darn thing.  Another thing I love? That I can look at these and see her various phases.  Phase 1- colicky and not so smiley. Phase 2- getting happier! Phase 3- trying to sit up and getting personality. Phase 4- needed props and nearly fell of the chair.  Phase 5- big girl, happy, mobile, and such a ham.

And here area  few of my faves that didn't make the collage...but show her little personality:

leggy like mama.

that sweet neck. those tired eyes.

You wanna step to this?

this is how she sucks her thumb.


take that mama! (at this point, I ordered extra labels but of course didn't end up needing them. She decided to behave after month 8).

Ok, not the best shot but she was dancing as Genevieve and I sang happy birthday!  Too cute!

yep, we're walking.

I miss those gummy grins already.

How did you document the milestones?

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Genevieve's Painted Dresser {Sneak Peek}

No clever title here folks.  It's all I can do to pause for a moment and give you the sneak peek I promised a few days ago!  And to be clear it's not that I think you're anxiously awaiting the details and so I'm teasing with a sneak peek...it's more like I still have one tiny task left to complete on the dresser and can't bring myself to post full pictures of it with a missing knob.  Yes, it's missing 1 knob.  Why didn't I replace it before painting you ask?  That's a great question. Why didn't I? Oh right- I'm super impatient.  AND I didn't realize until just before I started prepping that the knobs were sort of dovetailed in (probably not the right term) and not screwed in. I'd always planned to replace them with cuter knobs with more personality. But, I couldn't get the dang things off.  So I just went ahead.  And now that it's 99% complete, I'm kicking myself for not running to Lowe's and getting that knob...

But without further ado, here's the "sneak peek" or "I'm not quite finished yet but I want you to know I haven't been lying about this project that took forever peek"  Hmmm, that doesn't quite roll off the tongue.

I'm not sure if this is the "styling" I'll stick with but I threw it together real quick for a photo.  And let's face it--It's a 2 year old's room.  Styling only lasts a nano second anyway. On another note, I LOVE my her chevron wall.  Like LOVE in all caps.

This project gave me a bit of trouble...but it was well worth it.  I learn so much with each project.  And I love this little dresser--especially the key holes.  I looked for one with that little detail but never thought I'd find it at the right price. :)

I'm so excited that Genevieve's room is coming together.  So far, I've:
Found bedding. (More on that later).
Put together the shelves and toy box.
Found the perfect little side table (already painted! phew!).
Found an affordable rug.

Now I have to:
-Make a bed skirt.
-Buy or Make baskets for her bookshelf. I want these so badly but I don't want to drive an hour to ikea. Or give into the spending spree that would ensue. (OK, wait, I just saw that the price on these decreased from their usual 19.99 to 14.99!  I might just have to make that drive.  and maybe bring cash only).
-Create a gallery wall/collage.
-Hang the $5 thrifted mirror I snagged on this shopping trip.
-Find shelves. I'm thinking simple ikea lack shelves.

Dresser: Craigslist
Paint: Unfortunately this is a custom shade that can't be replicated.  It's the same paint I used for Nadia's nursery (which was tinted lighter than the paint chip) but tinted to the next shade on the color strip...but the can of paint was only half full so the guy basically guessed at the formula.  If you really want to know send me a note (tiffandmeg@gmail.com) or a comment and I will find the paint strip of the color I was aiming for--that would be close, but not exact.
Lamp: Hobby Lobby
Elephant book end: HomeGoods
Jar of chalk: Favor container leftover from Nadia's party.
Unfinished wood tray: also leftover from Nadia's party--AC Moore
LullaBible: Love this book and the CD that comes with it.  It was a gift and I loved it so much I've purchased it for gifts twice--from here.
Jesus Storybook Bible: Maybe my favorite kid's book of all time.  So sweet and Genevieve LOVES it.  I bought it here.
Elephant: It was an impulse purchase on my last Target run. But Genevieve loves it and so do I! It's so soft and cuddly.  You can find it in the store or online here and it's on sale!

Ok my kids are literally hanging on each arm as I try to finish this post!  Gotta run!  

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Thrift Store Finds & How my Brain Works.

I meant to post this a week ago.  Key words: Meant To.  Here are just a few things I "found" at my last visit to a local thrift store.  Underneath each photo of the furniture finds I've written a  little blurb on my "vision," for the piece with a photo included--just one vision; there were many more floating around this head of mine.  This a scary peek into my psyche.  I can't help it. I see the potential in junk.  It's a blessing and a curse.  Oh and I'm sorry about the bad photos/lighting but let's face it--it's a thrift store, not a studio ;)

This little cute side table would be perfect in a kids room or a little corner of the home that needs sprucing up.  Need a little inspiration?  Check out this beautiful color and finish from Sweet Pickins Furniture.  


I love this school desk. Like SO much.  I am so grateful I have a small house.  Yes, you read that right.  If I had a bigger house all of this furniture would have been purchased.  Which is sort of crazy.  Why not do something like this with it?

Not in the mood to paint?  What about throwing a back to school party (or back to school themed birthday party) and use it as a centerpiece?  Nadia's birthday is in early September and I've contemplated a school theme for the future.  Pretty sure the desk just put me over the edge!


I love these spindle beds and they were marked down to $5!!!  Are you kidding?!   For lots of inspiration on spindle bed or Jenny Lind style beds and cribs, see this post.  

I'm not a fan of the paint job on this one but it has so. much. potential.  I'm imagining it in a deep gray like this beautiful crib below: (oh and please get rid of that little heart on top. please.)


Do you see what I see?  Potential!  The price range of the piece featured was $5 (the non painted beds) to $50 (the school desk). So inexpensive!

I also found a darling mirror for Genevieve's toddler room that I need to take a better picture of. I love it! 

Friday, November 2, 2012

Painted Furniture Portfolio + Answer to a Reader Question.

After this post fed to Taste{full}'s Facebook page, I got a question: Where do you get the furniture you paint? Here are my top sources for used  pre-loved furniture:

1. The side of the road.  Yes, it can be embarrassing.  You have to be fearless. Like me.  I seriously don't care what people think if I see potential in a cool piece of furniture for FREE! Unfortunately the husband is not like me so I've passed up some good pieces because he refused to didn't pull over.  (Although maybe it's good that he's less tolerant because my garage would be even more of a mess than it already is).  Here are the pieces I've found on the side of the road:
-magazine rack.
-nadia's modern rocker.
-cool vintage office chair kind of like this one (I never got around to painting it though and ended up selling it on Craigslist.  Easiest $15 I ever made).

found this cutie on my way to work one morning.  I might have been a few minutes late that day.  

I still can't believe I found this on the side of the road! I had it reupholstered and replaced the cushion.
2. Craigslist.  You have to be patient, willing to negotiate, and willing to drive.  Here are a couple of pieces I've found on Craigslist.
-genevieve's "new" dresser (to be revealed soon)!
-"vintage" wooden high chair (below).

I wanted a pink high chair for Genevieve's birthday party and 1 year photos.  I paid $25 for this one.  A few coats of pink spray paint and voila!

3. Thrift/Antique stores.  This might be my favorite "source."  It's more convenient than randomly stopping on the side of the road, they'll hold furniture for you until you can pick it up (usually 24 to 48 hours), and while it's more expensive than "free," it's still pretty cheap. Here are a few pieces I've found at Thrift stores (I could list so many more!).
-Genevieve's 1st Dresser.
-genevieve's rocking chair.
-nadia's changing table.
-Quarterfoil bar- I can't wait to share this project with you.  I just have to start it first.

I miss this dresser! But a friend bought it from me so I know it found a loving home. ;)

This is one of my favorite finds EVER. And not just because it was featured on Apartment Therapy!

I paid $2 for this cute rocking chair.

4. Yard Sales.  I'd love to frequent these more than I do...I've been very lazy on Saturday mornings lately.  But this is a great way to score cheap real wood furniture.  A couple of pieces I've found at yard sales:
-nadia's dresser and mirror

Painted Dresser.

$25 for the dresser AND mirror (found at two different yard sales).

 Another $2 find!

my little pumpkin in her chair.

A few TIPS
1. Bring a tape measure with you whenever possible.  And have your home/space measurements with you if you're looking for a specific piece (I keep a "note," in my phone).
2. Take your time to check out condition and if the item is real wood.  If it's in rough shape and you're aware of that, fine, but it's a bummer when you get home and realize the piece isn't what you thought it was or is more damaged than you realized--this has happened to me a few times!
3. Don't be scared to negotiate.  The worst that can happen is they say no.  The best- with 20 seconds of your time you just saved ten or twenty bucks!

Well I have to say, looking at all the furniture I've painted over the last few years (and I didn't include every piece) makes me feel a little better about myself. I was over on Young House Love and House of Smith's this morning feeling a bit like a loser about my home improvement accomplishments.  Well I may not be a professional home improvement blogger but I'm taking baby steps to make my home prettier in very affordable ways.  So yes, I'm patting myself on the back.  But if it's born out of insecurity it's not such a turn off is it? ;)

What are you working on around the house?  
Happy Friday!

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