Taste{Full}: October 2012

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Proud as a Peacock: DIY Peacock Costume.

Six months ago I pinned this.  Six months prior to that, I decided Genevieve would be a peacock this year after my mom scored an adorable teal shimmery tutu at Wal-Mart for 75% off.  So I revisited the tutorial I pinned a week ago and made my own version of the costume.  Here it is:

I followed the instructions for the peacock "feathers" to a T.  I sort of free handed the shapes onto the felt.  I attached them to blue ribbon with pins and tied the ribbon to the tutu.  I like that it's not permanent because she loves this tutu and after tomorrow I can take the feathers off and she can wear it for dress up, which tends to happen on Sundays during Patriots games.  Don't ask me why.

quick tulle cutting technique.
Speaking of the tutu, I wanted something more frilly than the one Shauna over on Shwin & Shwin made.  Believe it or not I've never made one of the no-sew tutus.  I know--check my pulse. Am I alive?!  So I checked out the tutorial Shauna referenced here.  I loved the illustration of how to tie the knots in that post but wanted something a bit more detailed so I did a quick search and landed on this tutorial by Treasures for Tots. I like how full hers are and her quick tulle cutting technique.  I actually used that technique a couple of years ago for the tulle poms I made for Genevieve's birthday, but I probably wouldn't have thought to do the same thing for the tutu. Anyway, I followed her instructions using a full spool of brown tulle (25 yards) and half a spool (about 3 yards each) of glitter cobalt blue, gold, and teal.  The spools of tulle were 50% off at Hobby Lobby, which was awesome. How many times have you reasoned that making something yourself would be cheaper than buying it only to spend more on materials and supplies than a store bought item would have cost?!  anyone?  I also made Genevieve's tutu about an inch longer than the one she was making for the tutorial.

Super easy felt feathers.

My knots aren't perfect but close enough.  I see more of these no-sew tutus in my future.

For my first tutu, I'd say it came out pretty great!  I love it and so does Genevieve.  Here are a few more photos:

In case you're wondering, the T-shirt came from Wal-Mart. I added a leftover strip of cobalt blue tulle to the front of it.  The wings are from Dollar General (which became obvious by the way they wouldn't stay upright!), the felt was from Micheal's and Hobby Lobby (cheaper at H.L.), and the peacock feathers were from Hobby Lobby.  I've had the feather-y headband forever.

Thanks Treasures for Tots and Shwin & Shwin for the tutorial and inspiration!

So what's your kid going to be this year?  And did you make it or buy it?

Friday, October 26, 2012

Toddler Room Progress: Another Dresser Redo.

This will be my third dresser re-do.  I learn something new each and every time I paint furniture.  I love furniture refinishing and would love to do it as a side job one day (kind of like her).  Unfortunately I can't seem to find the time to finish my own projects let alone work on others so for now I'll continue learning, 'building my skill set,' and perhaps delve into the furniture up-cycling business another day.  As for this dresser, I can't share the finished photo with you because, well, it's not finished...  But here's what I'm working on:

I love this little dresser. I love the "feet," the key holes, the size...everything.  Of course I'm painting it just like I did Genevieve's first dresser and Nadia's dresser.  It's a bit annoying because the knobs won't come off.  There are always surprises when you're working with old furniture.  This is frustrating for 2 reasons: 1. I was planning to switch out the knobs for much cuter ones.  Like these beautiful knobs for example:

Mottled Knob

Ceramic Melon Knob

    2. I have to paint around them.  Joe was about ready to take a hammer to them but I was afraid of splitting the drawers. Painting around them is awfully annoying.  I'd be finished priming by now if I didn't have to take the time to do that.  But this beauty cost me $50 and I love it, so I can't complain.

    Oh and if you're wondering why Genevieve needed a dresser in the first place it's because her room is small and I'm making room for play space.  Her other dresser was adorable and I loved how much storage it provided but at over 4 feet wide it took up a lot of floor space!  I'm trying to use vertical space more in her room (and my house in general) to create storage and free up that coveted floor space.

    So there you have it.  I hope to be finished it within a week or so and when I do, I'll be sure to post my results! 

    Happy weekend!

    Thursday, October 25, 2012

    Modern Toddler Bedding.

    Or should I say "impossible to find toddler bedding." Now that other projects are coming to an end (Nadia's circus party for instance) and others are under way (stay tuned for a post on Genevieve's dresser), I'm finally ready to get back to Genevieve's "big girl room."  My goodness, I've been working on this on and off for some time.  And I'd love to mark it as complete.  Besides finishing her dresser, the next step in her room is to get her out of her crib!  She climbs out if it almost on a daily basis (and will say to me "go stand over there and watch me." as she climbs out or climbs in--landing head first of course).  I'm just waiting for her to land wrong and hurt herself   It's an awful feeling!  But I guess not awful enough for me to grab her toddler bed out of the garage and make the transition   I mean, am I supposed to let her sleep on it without cute bedding?  What, am I an animal or something? ;)  I asked my husband about it the other night and he says, "well I guess we should do it soon--maybe you can go with her and pick out fun bedding..." All I heard was "blah blah blah maybe you can decorate her entire room with Disney characters" and I started to hyperventilate   I figured I better get some cute bedding fast before daddy intervenes.  So of course I started researching.  

    I should give you a tiny bit of background--I initially figured I'd skip the toddler bed phase.  Why spend the money on something she's only going to use a short time?  A twin bed close to the ground would be fine.  I then found this adorable twin bed on craigslist.  But then Nadia happened.  I had zero time to paint her twin bed while designing Nadia's nursery.  At the same time, my mother-in-law's co-worker gave her a barely used toddler bed that would work just fine.  It's not nearly as pretty as the curvy number but it's white, real wood, and has nice clean lines.  I may even be able to get away with painting it (still contemplating that one).  And the more I thought about it, the more I thought it would be really great to have more floor space for playing.  I'm definitely hanging onto that bed (is it wrong to assume our next house will have bigger bedrooms or a playroom?) but for now, the toddler bed reigns supreme.

    Back to that bedding.  I'm looking for something yellow (or a vibrant pink) and modern.  Is that so difficult to ask?  I LOVE the Michael Miller zoology print in yellow (my inspiration room used this fabric) but alas it is sold out everywhere.  And I can't find anything close to it that I like.  However, here are a few sets I did find. Not all of them go with my color scheme but they are all cute and modern and might help someone else out. These are all either girly or gender neutral by the way.

    Here is my favorite modern toddler bedding under $100 (most are $89.99 or less):
    JoJo Designs Gray, Yellow, and White Zig Zag Yellow 5pc Toddler set. I'm strongly considering this one...but there's already a lot of grey in her room (walls and rug) so I'm hesitant to go with grey bedding as well...

    Giraffe Neutral Toddler Bedding 5 pc Set by JoJO Designs. I love that you can create an animal themed room in a cool modern way (just please don't buy the wall hangings that go with this set). ;)

    Gray and White Diamond Toddler Bedding 5pc Set by JoJO DesignsSO modern and cool! This one would look great in a boy's room!

    Sherbet Stripes Crib Bedding. Very simple but I love that quilt.

    Aqua Dandelion Toddler Bedding. A little pricey for me...and of course the one I like the most!  I have a thing for dandelions lately (remember Nadia's dedication brunch)?

    Bacati Girls Stripes and Plaids Toddler Bedding Collection. I don't love quilts but this one is modern enough to tempt me.

    Bacati Metro Pink, White and Chocolate Toddler Bedding Collection. I have always LOVED houndstooth. (rewind to 2nd grade when I wore my houndstooth bubble skirt like every day).

    Mini Dot Toddler Duvet Cover.   Simple and clean.  Could jazz up with fun throw pillows.  This one is a front runner.

    Circo Buds N Blossoms Bed Set - Toddler. This one is the deal of the day!  Super cheap and cute.  If only the purple was hot pink... ;)
    The search continues...and I just may make my own...What are you searching for?

    Sunday, October 21, 2012

    The Reason Why (Where's Megan?).

    Hey friends, so I thought it might be time for a little update.  Many of you who have followed Taste{Full} from the beginning know that it was a shared project that Megan and I embarked upon together.  Pretty sure it was her idea.  Well from time to time (like here for example), life kind of takes over and as much as we both love blogging, writing, and sharing our love of fashion (at first anyway), everything kiddos (more relevant to us at this time in our lives), and parties (always), it doesn't exactly pay the bills. While we'd both love to be "professional bloggers" one day, right now we're just bloggers. :)  It's a hobby--a fantastic creative outlet that has brought us both  joy (and hopefully you too!), but a hobby nonetheless.  And who of you out there has young kids? and a full time job?  AND hobbies?  It's sort of hard to have all three.  Well Megan doesn't have just one kid or one job...she has three kids...and two jobs!  While I have two kiddos and no longer work outside of the home (besides for this), Megan works.  A lot. In fact, she's one of the hardest working mamas I know.  So she's taken a hiatus from Taste{full} for the time being. It's not forever...but for now.  She'll still contribute by sending me cool finds she's stumbled upon or ideas of things to share with you.  But she probably won't be posting in the near future.  I miss her and you probably have too.  Why?  Megan just has this knack for sniffing out anything cool...before everyone else!  For real.  Most of the resources I use/know of (long before pinterest made it so easy to find cool resources) Megan clued me in on.  She's an amazing party planner and entertainer.  She's a marketing professional, a talented graphic designer by trade, and amazing with technology (anyone notice that the "look" of Taste{full} hasn't changed in a while? Um, yeah I should probably get on that), and she's a creative and witty writer (and person in general) to boot. Okay so I'm pretty sure I've embarrassed her enough for one post, so I'll stop there.  Well stop talking anyway.  Keep reading to see--in photos-- what's keeping Megan so darn busy.  Sorta like this post on "my reason why," here's Megan's:

     Cole is now SIX years old!!  Where does the time go?!

    Remember Megan's shower for Grace?  And Grace's first birthday?!  Well now this classic beauty is 3 years old!

    Oh this baby. This sweetie "Aves" (short for Avery) is going to be 2 in a month.  Wow.

    So darn sweet.

    Have you ever seen a cuter trio?  

     So what's keeping you busy these days?  A fun and fulfilling hobby?  A house full of cute kids?  an outside-of-the-home job?  All three?!  

    Sunday, October 14, 2012

    Free Thanksgiving Printables.

    Have you seen these beautiful printables over on The Tomkat Studio?  I am SUCH a fan of their work and have mentioned them tons on the blog.  But it's been a while.  Well while going through my email I came across the TomKat blog post offering this beautiful collection for FREE!  While I don't host Thanksgiving, I'm considering printing out the banner and the 5*7 print for my mantle.  And those classy cupcake toppers may even prompt me to bring cupcakes to my in-laws' JUST so I can use them! :)

    According to TomKat, this offer will last "through the season." Go here. Add to cart. Enter GIVETHANKS.  

    Thanks so much Kim!  Your loyal readers (and mine) appreciate it! 

    Wednesday, October 10, 2012


    I needed a change.  Kind of like this time.  Except this time I wanted it to be obvious that I got my hair cut.  (Last time I chose picture 5 and no one (except my dear co-author Megan) even noticed)! I wanted something edgy and cool.  Most likely because I am not edgy, nor am I cool.  But I can fake it right?  I'm also not modeling anymore--so I didn't have to worry about being "commercial." And I'm also not getting any younger.  So I thought I should embrace something fresh while I'm still young.  And it resulted in this.

    What do you think?  The picture doesn't translate it perfectly. It's a little more "piece-y" in person.  I like it.  I sort of chickened out and didn't go quite as short as I wanted.  Take a look at my inspiration pictures at the end of the post...and tell me--do you think I should go even shorter next time?!  My stylist (who knows me well and whom I love) advised me to "live with this" for a little bit first.  Great advice.  My major concern was maintenance.  I don't have time to spend a half hour on my hair in the morning!  So I'm going to see what the maintenance is like on this and how it looks as it grows out before I go even shorter...

    In the first photo I've tucked the long piece behind my ear. In this one I left it out. (Oh and a con against short hair/no bangs-- I actually have to tweeze my eyebrows on a regular basis.  Can you tell how crazy they are in this photo?!)

    Side views--looks a little Carol Brady in the top shot but I think it's just the angle. Speaking of the top photo, I've recently discovered that unsightly dark spot near my chin/lip. Any suggestions for a product I can use to lighten that?  ew!

    And here was my inspiration:

    I liked this but not so heavy...

    I was VERY tempted to go with this...maybe next time?

    Totally wasn't ready to shave my head. 

    Of course this one would have been the most work...but I LOVE it.  Another issue- my hair texture is nothing like Halle's so I wasn't sure how it would translate.

    Ok, spill- what would you change about your hair if you could?  And what beauty product will erase that gross dark spot on my chin?  

    Tuesday, October 9, 2012

    Fall Trend: Pretty Puffers.

    I feel like the fact that I occasionally blog about fashion means life is slowly returning to normal after having this sweet girl.  I'm over at Tall Snob today discussing pretty puffers.  Take a peek--all of the items featured come in "regular" sizes, not just tall sizes.  And the most affordable one? $17!  That price is amazing enough to tempt me to add a 6th puffer to my closet. (Yes I'm embarrassed that I have so many but not embarrassed enough to stop seriously considering the $17 option.  This is what you call a problem).

    What I love about puffers:
    1. They are quick and easy. No exhaustive styling required.
    2. They make jeans and a thermal look so much cuter.
    3. Fall/winter accessories work so well with them: chunky knit hat and gloves, bright & pretty scarf, furry boots.  YES.

    Here are a few I didn't feature in my TallSnob post:

    GUESS Paley Puffer Vest. I love that this one is cinched in the waist.  How to wear a puffer without looking puffy...
    Victoria's Secret "The Angel Puffer." If you know me, you know I love bright colors.  Pretty sure I'd look awesome in this. ;)

    Larry Levine Pillow-Collar Quilted Puffer. This one is so wearable. Loving it with the dark brown boots. And bonus--it's currently over 50% off!
    And because even though life might be "back to normal," it's the NEW normal, which includes sweet baby girl fashion:

    Girls Long Powder Puffer.  SO. ADORABLE.

    Monday, October 8, 2012

    It Tastes Like Chicken.

    I know Pinterest has made recipe posts irrelevant but I'm digging my heels in and posting about recipes anyway.  One thing I've noticed about recipes on Pinterest is that they A) don't seem to have been tested or have reviews and/or B) all say that they are the BEST "X" you've ever had.  I'm sorry, but sometimes (in fact, oftentimes) that's just not true!  So here are my top FIVE easy weeknight chicken recipes that have been tested and Joe and Tiff (and other family members) approved:

    I should say this isn't necessarily the order I like them best. My "favorite" changes depending on what I'm in the mood for. And yes I know I said top 5 but then I remembered a Pinterest one that has made its way into the rotation.

    1. Easy Chicken Cordon Bleu.  I've been making this for years.  In fact, I made it tonight and my husband (who didn't know I planned on this post) said "I think that's my favorite meal." Of course he says that about a handful of meals but I guess I'm insecure because I never tire of getting kudos when it comes to meal planning/cooking!
    2. French's Crunchy Onion Chicken.  I saw the French's commercial for this last year and it worked like a charm.  It looked so yummy that I grabbed a box of French's on the next grocery trip.  And the one after that.  And the one after that.  To make this one even tastier (and more indulgent), pound the chicken to about a 1/2 inch thickness.  You have to increase the "batter," by about half but it's totally worth it.  mmmmm.
    3. Easy Garlic Chicken.  I found this one on Pinterest.  If you don't like garlic this one is not for you.  But if you do, the few ingredients blend together just right.  And a bonus--you probably will always have these few ingredients on hand.
    4. Rachael Ray Honey Nut Chicken Sticks.  This is another I've been making for years.  But I have to say it's the least "easy" of the six.  It's not complicated in terms of instructions; it just takes a lot of ingredients and a bit of blending.  It only takes 15 minutes to bake once you've put it all together and it's SO good.  As a side note I always use generic Honey Bunches of Oats.  (photo from here).
    5. Monterrey Chicken. This is probably the newest addition to my faves.  I always ask my sister-in-law (who's great at sniffing out delish new recipes) what was her new fave and this is the one she mentioned.  Thanks sis!
    6. Stove Top Sweet Citrus Chicken.  Another Kraft favorite.  And only a few ingredients to boot.  To clarify, by "Stove Top" it means the brand of stuffing.  It does require baking.  (photo from here).

    I'm always looking for good & easy chicken recipes.  What are your favorites?

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