Taste{Full}: August 2012

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Cowboy Party.

Do you remember when I mentioned my nephew's birthday party--the one that got me thinking I better get on the party planning ball with Nadia's party?  Well here we are over a month later and I am just sitting down to share some photos with you.  My sister-in-law, Erin did such a good job planning a cute cowboy themed party and created some adorable "moments."  She knew she wanted to do a fun and masculine theme.  Her husband is an outdoorsy type who's also a police officer.  And let's just say he was totally on board with a cowboy theme.  How often do husband's get excited about party stuff?!  I thought it was so cute how "into" it he was!  Besides honing her party planning skills, my sister in law is also a master cake decorator!  I didn't get a good shot of the cake but there's a tiny photo below...

Some highlights to look for:

Mini Cacti used as party decor.  Gingham tablecloths. Cowboy frames. Adorable 3 tiered cowboy cake.

Keep reading for adorable cowboy party inspiration:

Birthday boy and his mama

The birthday boy.  Denim overalls from here.  Bandannas from here.

 Party Decor:

Sheriff badges from here.  Cowboy frames from Hobby Lobby.  And just look at that amazing cake!!  {please note there will be nothing as amazing at Nadia's party!} ;)

My other sister in law, Christy (yes, the same one who designed Nadia's invitations) designed the cute vintage cowboy banner. The fence was adorned with tons of sky blue, red, and white balloons.  The favors were bandannas, cowboy hats, sheriff badges, and water guns--all from Oriental Trading Company.  The mini hay bales were from K-Mart (I think). The gingham tablecloths were from Wal-Mart.  

Party People:

These photos are mostly of my nieces and nephews at the party.  Take a look at the tiny photo at the bottom left.  Yes, that's right--there was a real live PONY at the party!  Can you even believe it?!  There was also a complete petting zoo- compliments of my mother-in-law.  Clearly, a party planner at heart. ;)  

From the top left: Genevieve refusing to give Gianna (cousin) space.  Nadia posing nicely for the camera.  The girls petting the bunnies.  The "wild bunch"-- 4 out of 6 cousins!, My cuties posing on the hay, Joe's uncle Dick helping Genevieve get over her fear of the animals,  Nadia riding the pony (Genevieve refused), My parents-in-law all decked out in their red and white, My other nephews Max and Luke, Me and Nadia.  A few of us are missing from the photos (sorry husband), but you can tell what a wild bunch we are, can't you?! 

Other cute elements I didn't photograph (or post): 

fun red, white, blue, and khaki tissue paper poms (my contribution to the party!), trail mix in mini paper bags wrapped with twine, cowboy signs (saloon, etc), and hay bales.  

The weather was perfect, the food was delish-pulled pork (mmmm!), and the birthday boy was just adorable.  What more can you ask for?  Let's just hope the party gods smile down on me in a week and I get the same results!

What about you?  What cute parties or events have you attended recently?

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Nadia's Custom Circus Invitation.

I'm trying to balance posting a few tidbits about Nadia's party without giving all the fun little details away! But I just have to share the invitation.  My sister-in-law, Christy designed it, with my help/input.  I found a few online as inspiration and then she combined the various elements I liked, added a few of her own, and voila!  I have to say, it was so fun being able to customize it.  Christy hit the nail on the head with the fonts, the color combo, and the layout.

I took the photo of Nadia along with a bunch of others---I will post a few on her 1st birthday (less than 1 week away)!

I guess you're getting another sneak peek--"Exotic Sea" high chair used for her 1 year pictures with her (and the ones I took). Remember how I painted one pink for Genevieve's birthday?!   

Then, I embellished them with the jute twine and tickets.  I love the extra oomph that little detail added.

I got the yellow tickets from here  and reddish/pink tickets from here. I purchased the twine from here.

Interested in other party details posted so far?  Check out this DIY cupcake stand post, this post on choosing a theme, my cute (and tasty!) circus party finds, and my fab circus party game + party popcorn recipe pictured in this post!

Where do you get your [insert special event here] invitations?!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Alice in Wonderland Party Design Board.

This is the first time I've created a party design board.  Well I kind of created one for this party, but it wasn't quite as detailed and intentional as this one.  Anyway, I have a friend who told me that she was planning an Alice in Wonderland Party for her little one who's turning 1 soon.  I LOVED that theme and immediately started thinking of ideas.  (Apparently I can't finish ONE party before I begin planning another!).  Then last night, I happened upon this mini board book:

can be purchased here.

If you can't tell it's a book it's because I cropped the photo into oblivion so as not to reveal my grossly-in-need-of-a-manicure thumb nail and cuticles. Yes, I'm that vain.  Anyway, I love the colors in this illustration and I literally took a photo of the book and immediately began researching Alice in Wonderland Parties!  Yes, I have a sickness.  

And this is what I've come up with:

Unfortunately my tech skills are a bit lacking so this is the biggest I can get this image without cutting it off--however, if you click the image it will enlarge, and if you right click and select "open in a new tab," the image will be even bigger.  

From left to right: bright yellow mugs to stack or serve, "eat me" stickers for favors, cupcake toppers, color scheme, multicolored jars for flowers or single stems, Alice in Wonderland book for decor a party favors, tea party invitation, moss rabbits for the table, custom Alice in Wonderland banner, houndstooth fabric for table runner, pink, yellow, and aqua paper fans as backdrop.

Here was my vision:

A fun, Suessical like feel featuring the girliest pink, bright yellow, aqua, and a touch of black.  I envision bright floral accents in those multi colored jars above on a hot pink tablecloth, adorned with the houndstooth table runner (fabric pictured).  I love the idea of adding a few moss elements to add to the garden/tea party feel.  And this photo (pictured left) didn't make it into the collage but how cute would a stack of teacups be, hot glued together with flowers in the top cup?  
Kind of like this one:

There are so many cool things you could do with this theme!  Decorate with: glam black accents (easy to find during fall/Halloween season!), keys, bright colored alarm clocks, playing cards, mismatched tea sets, cool paper lanterns, and/or bright floral accents.  Serve mini sandwiches and include a tea bar filled with fruit and simple syrups...I could go on. and on. and on.  But since this is just for fun and my kids are destroying my house as I type, I should stop.

I have a source list for everything pictured (not including the "Alice in Wonderlandia" photo above) so if you're interested, send me a note to tiffandmeg@gmail.com or comment below and I'd be happy to send it to you!

Hope you're inspired! If you're throwing an Alice in Wonderland party, let me know! I'd love to see the final result!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

My Week via Instagram.

I have so much to share with you...but finding the time is proving to be a challenge!  Ugh!  I follow other blogs that do a snapshot of their weeks in instagram pics and I always love those.  I personally  don't like to follow people I don't know in real life on instagram so I keep my peeps exclusive.  BUT I still love seeing snapshots into others' lives (does that make me weird?) in a cute and fun way.  If you're the same way, keep reading...

"I love eating in the backyard with my little family- especially when the weather is perfect."
I took this tonight.  We have used our sunroom and backyard more this year than ever before.  I love it!  There are a lot of things about this little starter home that bug me but the back yard is for sure not one of them!  I love this picture and I must admit that now that I have my new phone (with the front camera), I can be in pics! It's the little things...

"Can't wait for Nadia's circus party."
 I embellished Nadia's invitation with twine and tickets and I just love how it came out!  I'll tell you my 'mommy brain' story about the invitations later [oy] and share pictures of the entire invitation designed by my fabulous sister in law.

"Test Driving a recipe for the party.  Can't. Stop. Eating. This."
I tried out a recipe I plan to make for Nadia's party and it was SO. GOOD.  I probably gained an L-B from my incessant munching.  I took it to Shiloh's summer fest and it was immediately confiscated and almost demolished.  Which of course made me super happy.

"Look what I found Angela! Adorable book about "us" that you gave me when we graduated...complete with the sweetest note ever.  I love you sweet girl!"

If you knew my BFF from college you'd see why this book and these illustrations are so perfect.  She is blond and wore glasses.  Joe found this when we were cleaning out the basement and I teared up when I read her oh so sweet message to me on the front cover.  If you're interested in this sweet book, you can find it here.

Another party sneak peek.  I am in love with this "Jungle Toss" game I snagged from Land of Nod.  I pinned it weeks ago and then the price went down.  And then I found a coupon code.  It was like fate.  So sweet and perfect for a Circus/Carnival party!

"Rockin the side ponytail for school.  And told me "I love you very much" as she left.  So cute!"
Some weeks I go days without combing this poor kid's hair...and then I try to make up for it by doing cute ponies or using some adorable barrette that grandma sent us.  I loved this side pony and I could tell she thought she was cute. ;)

"Bought this candle.  And then got very sad that my baby's not a baby."
The caption says it all.  

"Little ones look so angelic when they sleep"
Took this on the way home from church last week.  I love her face.

Super cute votive holder.  I also bought orange with pumpkins, lime green with bats, and black with skulls a few years ago.  However I bought them for a Halloween party that never happened.  And I am really not into Halloween- especially the spooky/scary part of it.  So I planned to sell them at a yard sale (one in which we made a very abysmal $30 mostly due to rain and the president being in town blocking off roads on either side of our sale.  boo! [resisting the urge to go into a political diatribe])! but they seemed perfect for my sis-in-law so they found a good home!  

And that's it.  It's actually kind of cool to look back at what I did all week.  Party stuff.  Kid stuff.  Stupid yard sale stuff.  What about you?  How was your week?  Do you love instagram as much as I do?  

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Cupcake Lovers: This One's For You!

Oh my gosh.  Zulily strikes again! I have to say I have a love/hate relationship with the Z.  The timed events often have 2 effects on me:

1. Buy now, under pressure, because you only have hours left (and then suffer buyers' remorse)
2. Suffer analysis paralysis and don't buy because there's so much awesomeness to choose from (and then fret when it sells out).
Timi and Leslie Diaper Bag

But sometimes it's option 3:  Buy something awesome at a great price and then dance with glee.  (Like when I got this amazing diaper bag + the stroller to match for a fraction of the retail price)!

Which will it be if I go crazy for this event?!  Here are just a FEW things I'd LOVE.

Bianca White Pedestal Plate and Dome (only $22.99!)

Collapsible Cupcake Holder.  I happen to know someone who has this and it's awesome!

Ferris Wheel Cupcake holder. You have NO idea how badly I want to buy this for Nadia's party!  Physically Restraining Myself.  

Husband, Mom, Mother in law, Step Mom (anyone who loves me)- if you read this, you may want to throw any of these items in your cart and surprise me with it. ;)

Ok, what have you snagged from Zulily?  And more importantly should I buy the ferris wheel cupcake holder?!

Head over now to see these and other fabulous goodies! 

Friday, August 10, 2012

Easy DIY Cupcake Stand.

I'm continuing to plan, craft, research, and basically drive myself bananas (in a good way- if there is such a thing) planning Nadia's party. I recently finished this cute, simple, and cheap DIY:

It was so easy and they are so adorable that I'd like to make 50 of them.  But I won't.  Not today anyway.  The possibilities for these cuties are so endless that I will definitely make more (in white so that I can use them with any party color scheme) in the future!  Wanna make some?  Here's how!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Hello Hi-Rise.

I haven't posted about clothes in a while!  I guess I'm getting old.  Or mommy-ish.  Or both.  I am sooo beyond the stage in life where it's ok for my thong to show.  (And really, who can get away with that?). Besides getting older, I also keep having babies.  Well twice anyway.  Those of you with kiddos know, it's hard to wear low rise jeans and not have everything hang out.  Heck, it's hard to wear strapless, spaghetti straps, sweetheart necklines, wedges, three inch heels...Ok, I'll stop, lest I convince the childless fashionista to remain so forever!  Well anyway, this awesome pair of jeans brought me closer to my goal of...no panty peek.  Or Just say no to crack.  Or whatever you want to call it.  I am so psyched that the rise  is, well... rising.  And I love that I can be practical and stylish.  In fact I was so proud of myself for wearing high rise super skinnies with a cropped oversized tee the other day that I texted my 21 year old, edgy, cool sister to tell her.  Yes, I'm a nerd.  And even when I was 21 (you know- 8 years ago ;), I was not edgy nor was I cool.  Shocking right?  

Well if you're in the market for a pair of high rises, but don't have the dough for a pair like this:

I'd urge you to consider these!

They are cheap, comfy, and cute.  The three most important Cs at this stage of my life (8 years ago, it was the 4 Cs.  Thank you Joe DeLangie for getting them right).  Right now, American Eagle is having  a sale on all jeans, including free shipping.  Don't miss out!

PS- This post was inspired by this one!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Shutterfly Book at 60% off!

Go to the Shutterfly home page.
So my last Shutterfly post wasn't legit.  Er, sorry about that! I didn't realize the offer was a single use one (and thanks Jessica for making me aware!).  But this one is through Living Social and is the real deal!  I've posted a couple of my Shutterfly books here and here.  If you read the blog you know I love them!  So hurry up and hop on this deal! 

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