Taste{Full}: February 2011

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sew Excited!

Ok, I couldn't help but use this silly pun...But seriously I am so excited about my most recent purchase!! I JUST ordered this mini sewing machine from Amazon. I was totally inspired by this post at Prudent Baby via Chic and Cheap Nursery. I figured if this gal can make a crib sheet and changing pad cover with this cheap and tiny sewing machine, when she doesn't even sew...I might as well give it a whirl. I mean, I haven't sewn since I was 13 and made tons of scrunchies to match every outfit (which was a 13 year old girl's dream by the way), so I am certainly no expert (oh and I feel compelled to tell you that every time I type "so" I'm tempted to use "sew" but I'm sparing you my lame pun humor). And Chic and Cheap Nursery mentioned an amazing site that carries THE most AH-mazing fabrics that I will choose from...sew hopefully I'll have everything I need. (ok, totally couldn't resist).

In any case you can be sure I'll post any projects I attempt and my review of the sewing machine. Until then, I'll be researching other easy sewing projects and be eagerly awaiting the arrival of my new toy!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Taste{full} Deal Alert-- FREE offer today only!

Head over to Walgreens and redeem their deal of the day-- a FREE 8*10 collage print. It doesn't get any cheaper than FREE!! HURRY-- offer ends today!

Free 8x10 Collage Print
Thanks for being a great customer! Enjoy your Free 8x10 Collage Print ! Valid today only.*
Choose multiple photos
Printed on high-quality photo paper
Ready in as little as an hour

Valid for 1 use per customer. Order must be placed by logged-in customers by 2/24/11. Timing is determined by Walgreen server clock. Only 1free 8x10 collage print per customer. Does not apply to single image 8x10 prints, previous purchases, taxes or shipping charges. Multiple coupons may or may not be used based on cart content. Cannot combine with other offers. Customer must click REDEEM NOW on this page to receive offer. Credit will be applied to account page & visible in cart at checkout.

P.S.- I just made mine! $0.00 and I can pick it up today. :)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Will You Marry Me (again)?

I'm waiting for my husband to ask me ...again. I told him he needs to do it soon. So that I'm still skinny. I want to throw a party, buy another dress, be creative and whimsical and fun. I want...well I want a wedding. These thoughts surface from time to time and usually I stamp them out. (Wasn't one wedding and $13,000 or $15,000 or $18,000 (the number grows each year as I exaggerate) enough?!). Well just when I am over it...and content with my beautiful original wedding and original dress, I come across something like this.

White by Vera Wang. For David's Bridal.

I'm sorry--WhAt?!

Wait a minute...did I just see VERA WANG and DAVID's BRIDAL in the same sentence?!

Just take a look at these beauties and tell me it doesn't make you want to buy a white (or blush colored) dress...just a teeny bit?!  These beauties range in price from $600 to $1300 (sans the gorgeous embellishments and horsehair sashes) which is simply amazing!  Head over to David's Bridal to lust after these, er I mean for details...

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Start Spreading the News...

So, most of you are my facebook friends and saw my "announcement" that our little family is growing...Joe and I are expecting a bundle of joy (we ordered a boy bundle) on August 31st. I am 12 weeks today and so decided to finally spill the beans!

The first time around, I suffered a miscarriage which was the saddest thing that's ever happened to me. And though God has given me beauty for ashes and turned my mourning into joy (hello? Has anyone met my perfect daughter?!), some sadness will always linger. Like when you find out you're pregnant, you worry...incessantly. Even after having a healthy, happy pregnancy with Genevieve, I still worried and fretted about telling people before I reached 12 weeks, when the chance of miscarriage decrease drastically. And you just know that when you tell the world, you will later regret it and have to back pedal and explain that for some inexplicable reason it just wasn't meant to be. Wow, I'm surprising myself with this post--I hadn't intended to discuss my loss...just to talk of my unspeakable joy and spread the news...but it feels good to be open and honest about something so many women have experienced. In any case, due to the miscarriage, with Genevieve and with this little peanut, we decided to wait the 12 weeks...

...and then we talked about how we wanted to share the news. I am not so creative when it comes to things like this...I couldn't think of anything fun or original...I just wanted people to know already! With my family, I kind of let it just spill out, as in we were at dinner and a friend of my mom's said "Can I have Genevieve? You can just have another one?" to which I, seeing this as a golden opportunity, replied "We will...in September." Now at that point, I thought my family would start jumping up and down and hugging and kissing me. Instead everyone stared at me for what was probably 30 seconds but felt like 10 minutes. Did anyone kiss me? No. Did anyone congratulate me? No. Instead my mom asked about a bajillion times if I was kidding. She then looked at Joe...who I have to admit was a bit shocked himself at my diarrhea of the mouth. At Joe's expression my mom knew I wasn't kidding. I think it was one of my nieces who finally said "No, they are really having a baby...in September." Finally about 5 minutes later, I got a hug from my sister. So...that went terribly wrong. LOL. For Joe's family, since we couldn't think of anything crazy unique we decided to get the whole family together and to have Genevieve wear this adorable shirt. So, the shirt arrived, we planned a movie night...ready to share our secret, when...cut to the next scene. Everyone cancels and no one can make it! Finally, we end up just going to Joe's parents to tell them...So we dress Genevieve in her little shirt and about 7 minutes into our visit, Nannie reads her shirt and realizes grand kid number 7 is on the way. A little anti climatic but now the secret's out!

A special shout out to Zoey's attic for their adorable HIGH quality announcement shirts. It's so soft, and there are no peel ons, iron ons, or embroidered stuff. Good ol' fashioned "digitally printed t-shirt means that the fibers of the shirt are actually died with eco-friendly water based inks. There is no iron on, heat transfer or other material that can be scratch, peel, crack and fade.
That = awesomeness!"

I'm curious-- How long did you wait to tell people about your pregnancy? And in what unique or fun ways did you do it?!

Do Tell...

Monday, February 14, 2011

10 Things I Love About You

10 Things I love about Valentine's Day

Dear St. Valentine,
1. I love that you force me to do something nice for or say something nice to another human being...Let's face it, if left to our own devices, we would often forget to tell our husbands how much we love and appreciate them (even when they forget to take the garbage out).

2. Whether we're single or in a relationship, you remind us that we love someone...that someone might be our boyfriend, fiance, or husband...but it could also be our sister, best friend, or mom...and that's awesome.

3. You make me go through my panty drawer and get rid of anything purchased (well I'm embarrassed to say just how long) but too long ago...and you give me an excuse to go into Victoria's Secret.

4. One word: CHOCOLATE.

5.Two words: Fancy Dinners.

6. You are an excuse to dress Genevieve up in red and pink (as if I needed another excuse for that girl to wear pink), such as this adorable graphic tee and the cutest pair of red sweatpants that look like a miniature version of my Victoria Secret PINK sweats...dressing her never gets old.

7. You were the impetus to the beautiful dozen red long stemmed roses sitting on my desk.  (Thank you honey).

8. You make me love love.

9. You give us another excuse for a last minute run to Target.

10. You make us realize how blessed we are to have people in our lives who love us and who we love dearly (Husband, Genevieve, Mom, Dad, In-Laws, Sisters, Brother, Megan, Abby, Angela, that means YOU among others).

 I lied. One more.

11.  You remind us that...

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Forever 21 for Girls!

Forever 21 never ceases to amaze us. Megan's written about it before and I'm sure this isn't the last time we'll mention our favorite source of on trend affordable fashion. It's our go to for not only cheap, cute fashionable finds, but with their ever evolving market reach, for our inner sophisticated fashionista (twelve by twelve), our chic and modest goddess (love 21 contemporary), our curvaceous bodice (forever 21 plus), our relaxed persona (heritage 1981), the mama in us (love 21 maternity) and the men in our lives (21MEN). Well in case you thought it couldn't get any more diversified, they have now introduced forever 21 girls! I must admit I was a bit scared I'd see bustiers and minis in the tiniest sizes but lo and behold, the fashions are adorable and quite age appropriate. To be honest, I need a reason to wish Genevieve would grow up because I'm guessing trying to stunt her growth so that she's my "baby" forever, just isn't my greatest idea...with adorable (and cheap!) fashions like these, I might just be ok with her turning...FIVE one day! (oh my...my eyes almost welled up...)

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