Taste{Full}: October 2010

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Last night I was putting a onesie on my daughter that her nannie bought her from the Disney store. It said “you can’t stop me from dreaming…every little girl deserves a storybook life.” It’s such a sweet sentiment yet every time I read it, it makes me sad. I think it’s because I’m aware of the pain that many little girls live with on a daily basis. That very pain was demonstrated at Shiloh’s service on Sunday. Pasco Manzo, founder of Run for Freedom was a guest speaker who educated the congregation about the atrocity that is human trafficking. To think in this day and age, people…PEOPLE can be bought and sold is mind boggling. No, it’s disgusting. Of course, as usual, it’s the weak among us who are targeted. It is the vulnerable population of women and children (for the most part) with the average age of these victims being 14 years old. 14 is the age of my niece who I chatted with last night…who attends a ‘worth the wait’ program at her school to educate her on abstinence. Who went on and on about how she couldn’t live without sports and she loves sports and sports are her life and her basketball girls are ‘"the closest in the school.’" Yes. That age. FOURTEEN. It sickens me and breaks my heart that while my niece is playing basketball and thinking about getting “super cute boots,” other girls are mandated to make $1300 a day by having sex with strange men multiple times a day, 7 days a week. I don’t even want to write that out. It makes me flinch. I want to type “sexual services” or “sexual encounters.” But why try to make it sound more... digestible than it is?

*Human trafficking = modern day slavery

*Human trafficking is the fastest growing criminal industry in the world next to drugs and arms dealing. While you can only sell drugs or a gun once, you can sell a boy or girl 30 times a night.

*It is estimated that 1.2 million people are trafficked every year throughout the world (that’s 2 people a minute).

*Currently, there are 49 countries that traffic into 91 U.S. cities with the average victim being 13-14 years old.

Please visit http://www.runforfreedom.net/ and sign up to be a partner or make a donation today. You can browse the site to learn about the impact they’ve made on this social injustice and what they plan to continue doing to raise awareness and bring an end to human trafficking.

Romans 5:20: ...But as people sinned more and more, God’s wonderful grace became more abundant.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

So Cute it's ScArY!

I was mad that Genevieve just missed out on Halloween last year (The bun in the oven needed a bit more time to bake!).  I kept saying to Joe, I want to put her in one of those little bunting costumes (the pea in the pod is my favorite)!  Joe in his calm way told me to just wait, that I'd have plenty of Halloweens to dress her up for.  And since I really didn't have a choice, I agreed. Now that she's too big for the bunting variety I had to find a new favorite.  But looking at adorable little kids in the cutest costumes ever was hardly a chore!  Here are some of my favorite affordable options!  And don't worry mommies of little boys, I included some cute boy options for you too...

All three of these costumes are simply adorable but I am in LOVE with that lamb costume.  How can a baby costume actually look chic?!  And I obsessed about the flower costume too...My little Genevieve would look so cute peeking out from those petals.  The kitty costume is cute but even better?  $11!  Can't beat that! 

Here are some of my little boy faves.  Can you imagine your little honey all wrapped up in this cozy bear costume?  The Peter Pan costume is sure to please mom and little boy.  It's whimsical while being adventurous.  And just look at that banana atop the little monkey's head!  Need I say more?

Have a fun and safe Halloween and feel free to post the link to your little one's costume!!

Monday, October 18, 2010


I've posted about asos.com before.  The options at that site are just plain awesome.  However, even with low shipping, ordering in the UK size was always intimidating...just intimidating enough to prevent me from actually checking out--regardless of how often I filled my cart with oh-so-cute items.  Well now I can rest easy (are you telling me shopping quandaries don't keep you up at night? [gasp]) because the trendy UK retailer has  made its way across the pond.  Not only can you see prices in dollars but sizes now reflect US sizes.  And the best part?  Free shipping!  What's not to love?

Just a few items to tickle your fancy...

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Must Have for Fall: FUR the Love...

I could write 200 posts about boots.  Boots, Jeans, and Coats are my addiction.  And I have a lot of all (hence Taste{Full}: Shop our Closets).  But this isn't about me...It's about your fall wardrobe and the staples that comprise it.  So for our readers who live down south (yes, I'm talking to you Brittaney), you may not get as much value out of this post, but for you New England gals, this is going to resonate.

How often do you fight the "cute or warm?" battle?  I fought it just yesterday while getting dressed for the fair.  [fighting reminiscing about apple crisp and ice-cream now].  It's so easy to be cute in the summer.  But in the winter...it's almost as if with each layer we throw on we get fatter and less stylish.  And seriously girls, who wants that?!  That's what I LOVE about fur boots.  Fur trimmed boots are cute, warm, and comfortable.  Tuck them into skinny jeans with a chunky sweater and you just look effortlessly stylish--which in my opinion is the best kind of style. 

A few weekends ago I met these amazing boots at Nordstrom:

Which got me thinking about a fur boot post.  Of course I didn't purchase them at the time (it was my husband's turn to be extravagant, not mine--more on that in another post).  However, the minute I got home I started doing searches for them .  While I didn't find that specific pair at a price I wanted to pay, I did find a variety of other very cute options.

Now of course there are tons and tons of options out there.  But I chose these three to highlight.  All of these boots are warm- fleece or Sherpa lined and cozy as all get out.  Two of the three can be folded up or down (versatility is awesome) and the last pair...well they are just plain fun.  Those of you who love mukluks will appreciate this cheaper version of them.  I also wanted to show that there are a variety of textures to choose from.  You can wear these with skinny jeans, skinny cords, sometimes even flared or straight leg jeans look cute "piled" on top of them.  You can also wear with shorts (I have a pair of velour bermuda's I love to whip out in the fall and pair with tights and boots), or a skirt and tights.  Some brave souls even pair with dresses.  I'm like a broken record, but [say it with me], the possibilities are endless! 

So if you don't already have a pair of cute, warm, fur boots, let this be motivation to you to go for it!  

Happy Shopping!

♥ Tiffany 

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