Taste{Full}: October 2009

Friday, October 30, 2009

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Geek Chic

While watching America’s Next Top Model (is anyone else seriously annoyed by these short girls?!), Kim Kardashian mentioned the term “Geek Chic.” What an adorable term (albeit popularized by marketing geniuses who want to make pocket protectors cool) that describes an entire fashion subculture.  To that end, it inspired this post. These items are totally geeky yet uber chic-y (sorry, couldn’t resist making that rhyme). Enjoy!

I am obsessed with the sugar blogs…geeksugar is your one stop shop for all things technical and gadget-y.

Who says you have to sacrifice form for function? This adorable calculator also comes in green and orange.

Love these book jackets from book city jackets whose motto is “Make every book beautiful."

If Zoƫ Saldana can make Star Trek look this good, call me a trekkie. ;)

I used to have a pair of heavy, black, eyeglass frames in high school.  Why did I get rid of them again?!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Diary of a Tall Fashionista

I also contribute to tallclothingmall.com and tallsnob.com (yes I'm a woman of many talents). I thought I'd share my latest article on taste{full} as well...

Diary of a Tall Fashionista

Tall Jackets

The end of summer is bittersweet; bitter because I’ll miss the sun and the beach and the pool and barbecues and watermelon. It’s also sweet because it’s the beginning of fall with all its changing colors and sense of newness. Personally I’d vote for September as the second best month to make changes and resolutions, next to January. While most of those changes will entail some deep spiritual or personal meaning, others may be more along the lines of “I will find a tall jacket with sleeves that actually cover my wrists.”

I’ve mentioned before that shoes and jeans are my vices. Well my third would be tall coats and tall jackets. It’s difficult however to find tall outerwear made for tall women. Whether it’s a trench or a hip length jacket, there are often features that don’t work as well for tall women. For instance, how many of you have tried on a ‘hip length’ jacket only to find it fits like a cropped one. If I wanted a cropped jacket, I’d shop in the junior section right? Or what about a jacket that is cinched or belted at the waist, but ends up right under our bust rather than at our natural waist? Or my personal favorite: sleeves that expose our wrists to the elements or leave that ghastly space between jacket and glove. Ugh. This fall make a proclamation to find a tall jacket that you love and one that fits properly (and no I don’t mean two separate jackets). Trust me, it can be done! You just need to know where to look and what to look for.

When looking for a tall jacket, consider the look you’re going for and how much you intend to wear it. If you are like me and have a million jackets, then it’s not crucial that the jacket be neutral enough to match everything. It can be on the trendier side or a bright fun color. If however, this is going to be an upgrade (i.e. one you’ll spend a lot of money on) or a tall jacket you’ll wear everyday until the real cold sets in, you may want something conservative but with trendy elements (think seams and hardware). This doesn’t mean that it has to be black, brown, or grey. Oftentimes, bright colors can work just as well as a neutral as black, beige, or gray. A bright red trench can go over black pants, brown pants, beige pants, or jeans. The key is finding something stylish with the right amount of detail to show that you are current. Notice I didn’t say trendy. It doesn’t have to come from Forever 21 to be in style. It does however have to come from this decade! So mourn the loss of summer by stepping out in style in a chic tall jacket that shows you are ready to embrace change!

Tiffany DeLangie, a tall fashionista loves all things fashion, including writing about tall fashion for Tall Clothing Mall http://www.tallclothingmall.com/ a website for tall women and tall men looking for current trends in tall sizes. To find the perfect fall jacket visit http://tallclothingmall.com/Women_s_Tall_Coats.html

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Tickled Pink...and Green

Over the summer I helped plan a shower for Meg and have been meaning to blog about it ever since. Grace is Meg's second baby, but first girl so we wanted to throw an intimate feminine shower for her so she could get those adorable girly items she'd need for baby number two! When trying to decide on a theme, we decided to go with pink and lime green. Not only do I LOVE that color combo but planning a baby shower around a color scheme is much easier and less expensive than choosing something really specific.

The first place I always look for party planning ideas is the hwtm blog. There are so many ideas that can be altered or replicated to throw an adorable and unique baby shower. One of the decisions we made was to create a pink and green menu that would serve the purpose of light fare and a design element. That was a challenge, but so fun. I literally googled "pink and green food ideas," and came up with a lot of options there.

Our menu consisted of mint julep cupcakes, watermelon lemonade (Meg's sister made this from scratch! I was SO impressed), jello cake with whipped cream and kiwi topping, strawberry with field greens salad, and any green and pink fruit we could think of--kiwi, strawberries, watermelon, honeydew, grapes, and green apples, with fruit dip.

Other design elements included a pink and green tulle swag over the fireplace, pink and green placemats, and lovely pink and green floral arrangements. My gift to Meg, a modern diaper cake, was used as a decorative element as well.

For favors, Meg's sister found a lotion and nail grooming kit set from Bath and Body Works on sale and made adorable little favor tags that matched the invitations.

For invitations, I simply layered vellum and pearlized pink and green cardstock and used a ribbon to attach them. I found a little baby footprint graphic online for the 'title page' of the invitation. I personally don't have the technical skills to create something too elaborate but making invitations is a cinch if you simply choose attractive paper, a fun embellishment, and a pretty font.

Planning a shower is fun but can be overwhelming. My advice is to keep it simple and google, google, google! If you you have good taste, you can make anything look good (and if you don't, just copy someone who does!). There's no need to spend a ton of money or wear yourself out. Color combinations are always fun and easy and a light menu can help keep things simple as well. And really, it's not about the decor or food so much as showering someone you love and helping her celebrate this special time in her life.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Documenting the "Glow"

The other day I got the chance to do a maternity photography session with Tiffany.   I’ve never done any maternity shots before, so the task was both exciting AND daunting.  Though her super sweet praise of my photographic ability makes me blush, it's obviously the fact that she's one of the cutest pregnant women I’ve ever seen, in addition to her REAL modeling experience, that made the whole thing pretty much a breeze.  I think we succeeded in capturing not only how adorable she is, but the excitement of this time in her life as she waits for Baby Delangie to make her appearance.

Pregnancy is such a special time (well, once you get past the vomiting & etc.),  especially for your first child, and never more so than in those last few weeks before you deliver.  You are just weeks away from meeting someone you’ll spend the rest of your life loving more than you can imagine!!  I never did maternity photos, but I wish I had, especially with my first.  (I was much cuter the first time around!)   If you’re pregnant, or hope to be in the future, DO IT!  I shot Tiffany's with my Nikon D80, but even if you just grab a friend and a basic point and shoot digital camera, take a second to snap a few shots.  Not sure how to pose or what to do?  Google maternity photography and you’ll have dozens of cute shots to replicate.  Do it in a place you can feel comfortable, preferably with great natural light and especially with someone you can relax with.  (Fore some great tips for the photographer, check out this article by the amazing Natalie Norton.) Don't worry about baring your belly if you're not comfortable with it... a fitted top looks just as cute!  We don't all have adorable little buddha bellies, but that belly you're carrying around is perfect and beautifully shaped uniquely like your little one.  While we don't always feel our most beautiful pregnant, just find some flattering angles (YES you do still have some!) and shoot away.  It might take a bunch of tries to get it just right, but I promise you it will be worth it in the end!

And now, more of the results...


Monday, October 26, 2009

Maternity photos - Do you dare?

The prospect of maternity photos can be daunting for a variety of reasons. First of all, though we want to capture the memory of being pregnant, especially for the first time, the idea of what we look like may be better than what we actually look like in a maternity photo (I’m just sayin…). I asked myself, really how committed am I to documenting the extra lumps and bumps I’ve acquired during pregnancy? On the other hand there are so many amazing emotions I’ve experienced during pregnancy—both about my changing body and about the remarkable being that is growing inside of me. Regardless of how imperfect my body might be, I definitely wanted to etch the memory in maternity photos that would prompt me to reminisce about being my baby’s first home and just how amazingly beautiful that made me feel.

That said, I really couldn’t afford to spend hundreds of dollars on maternity photos. And because I was a little apprehensive about the idea, spending a lot of money seemed like a risk. I am lucky enough to have an incredibly talented photographer friend who was open to trying something new. Meg wouldn’t call herself a photographer but she totally is. She may not have all the technical pieces down (yet!), but the basics and the stuff you can’t learn (the spirit of the shot and the creativity behind it, for instance) she has down pat. She made me feel comfortable and was open to my suggestions. We researched maternity photo tips as well as poses (who else loves Google images?!) for ideas. We weren’t afraid to copy some of those poses but Meg also used her creativity to capture some unique shots and angles. I’m pretty sure I look better in the photos than I do in real life (which again is a testament to how freakin awesome Meg is!).

So I guess my point is (wait a minute; do blog posts have to have a point?!) even if you are a bit wary of taking maternity photos, you may just want to consider it. Whether you want to invest in professional shots or have a friend or spouse take some pictures of you, it’s worth capturing the moment. There are so many resources and tips online [Meg will post more on that later] to assist you in taking the best photos you can. Check back tomorrow for more of Megan's work. For me, the end result was above and beyond my expectations!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Apples never looked so good...

While researching maternity photos (more on that later), I discovered a fabulous website that carries women's, girls, preteens, plus, and maternity clothes. Talk about one size fits all; this site truly caters to every woman. I am totally into pretty much anything aesthetically pleasing, so the layout of this site and its adorable name, Shabby Apple, caught my attention immediately. But besides the package, the content is incredible. They offer a solid variety of couture-ish pieces at affordable prices. Seriously, this chic maternity dress in the most amazing green ever almost makes me want to stay pregnant a bit longer! (I said almost). But since I'm in the home stretch, I'm happy to peruse the baby clothes instead. This adorable "queen of hearts" dress is just one of the many charming and original pieces on the site. If you're loving me for introducing you to this site, you're welcome. If you're hating me for feeding into your online shopping addiction, I'm sorry. Nevertheless, Enjoy. ☺
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